The Apple

Stranded in a fog of words, loved him like a winter bird.
In the wastelands of San Diego and LA.
Big hair, bigger dreams.

Healthcare textbooks and corresponding workbooks are so fucking difficult to navigate. 

Fall Seven Times, Get up Eight: The Japanese War Brides

Saw this on my Facebook feed. So many of my childhood friends are the children of relationships like these. Although not really war brides, they’re base brides - women from multiple countries where our military occupies bases like the Philippines, Japan, etc.

I think it’s important that we hear the story of these women. Maybe pledge a dollar or two if you’re able? 

recentdishes us. 

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Had a really good talk with my friend that grew up Pentecostal about her excommunication of sorts, and with her boyfriend that is Apostolic and the pastor’s son. I can’t imagine losing the community that you ever really knew and starting over. Well, I kinda can in the sense that I know what being ostracized from coming out feels like. 

And the fact that her boyfriend, who is super conservative, sat there and was genuinely interested in my story and what I had to say was brilliant. 

This queer space on campus is such an amazing thing, and I really hope they don’t take it away…